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ICBE 1101 -- Individualized Educational Planning,   1 credit Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor

Offers students a process by which credit can be gained for work and life experiences within a unified educational program of study. Students are involved in an interactive planning process that leads to the completion of a degree plan to include educational goals, career goals, competency statements, learning strategies and assessment techniques. Each student will identify a course mix and plan for completion that reflects the necessary education and training for his or her career focus. The course is a prerequisite for any student wanting to utilize the process of the Competency-Based Education program. Participation must be arranged with the instructor prior to registration.

ICBE 1189 -- Topics:,   Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
This course has been developed as a potential permanent course. The course must follow all the same policies and procedures related to curriculum outlined by the college. It does not duplicate existing course offerings. Refer to course notes for specific course description.