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INTS 1000 -- First-Year Experience,   2 credits Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
(MnTC Goal 2)

This course will enhance your college experience by giving you the tools to be successful, and to get the most out of your college experience. The class will teach you where and how to find resources in college and at ARCC that will help you develop the personal skills necessary to manage your college life and set you up for success in your future career. You will learn the skills necessary to develop awareness and improve your own way of thinking and problem-solving. Course may have a theme.

INTS 1100 -- On Course,   1 credit Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
What does it take to succeed not only in college academics but in the adult world of work and relationships? It requires more than the practical skills of studying and job skills. Successful people develop particular qualities that motivate them, make them good team players, and generally empower them to live joyfully and responsibly. The class will also explore intrapersonal traits like emotional intelligence, motivation, and attitudes toward yourself and the world. The class will also address study skills and the ability to use resources to foster your success.

INTS 1200 -- Introduction to Diversity Studies,   3 credits Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
(Cross-listed as SOC 1200)

(MnTC Goals 5 and 7)

This class will survey the way in which race, class, culture, religion, gender, and other forms of diversity impact the social and political development within society. In doing so, students will be introduced to the theoretical framework in which diversity studies are examined.